Android Progress

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Been a busy couple of weeks for Tundra.

Rapture became free on the 18th May. Since then we’ve had 27,467 new users, which is fantastic. It’s wonderful to have so many people playing the game and hopefully people should have more luck finding games online. We’re getting reasonable revenue from the ads and in-app purchases – in a few months we’ll write up another blog post with some stats.

We’ve also been pushing forward with the Android version of the game. It’s now really coming together. Here’s the first screenshot of the game running on device.

Android Screenshot


The main game is running well. The pain now will be getting all the native functionality working – social, ads, IAPs etc. It’s been lots of fun learning a whole new platform and good to be coding on Windows.

Lastly we had a nice little gift from the guys at for our fridge:

Made in Creative UK

These guys do a great job of promoting games development in the UK.

If you have any feedback please email


The First 8 Months & Going Free

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Rapture World Conquest is free to download here


It’s been 8 months since we released our first iOS title Rapture – World Conquest. It’s been a roller-coaster of a ride – mostly consisting of a big steady climb at the start, a sharp plunge and then a long graceful slide. We’ve learnt an awful lot and I wanted to share a few thoughts on our experiences.

Globo_d 2014-09-01 13-13-54-49

A Little about Tundra

Tundra Games consists of myself (Dan Collier) and the other co-founder Andrew Weinkove. We both started in games many moons ago and worked together at Exient in Oxford. Andy and I have been in the games industry a while and have worked on many mainstream titles, mostly on handheld and like a lot of seasoned games developers we wanted more creative control over the games we were making. So we decided to set up Tundra and started developing our own.

The Game

Andy originally came up with the concept of Rapture while thinking about two of his all-time favourite games, Civilization and Counter-Strike. The idea was to explore what would happen if the rapid five minute rounds of Counter-Strike were transplanted into the majestic historical sweep of Civilization.

Rapture – World Conquest is a god game where you control your followers and attack your enemies. You build up your forces and try to take over as many regions as you can before the End of Times arrives. You also have various miracles you can use along the bottom; Meteors, Earthquakes, Tsunamis etc.

Here’s the trailer:


All in all the game took about 2 1/2 years to write, it was mostly written evenings and weekends. This was about 6 months over our self-imposed deadline, but when there’s no publisher breathing down your neck it’s easily done. By holding paying jobs we have been able to finance ourselves without any outside help. We kept costs minimal – the main one being the graphics, where we spent money on some decent 2D artwork. It’s been slow steady development with low risk. We also tried to keep feature creep to a minimum. We released the game mid-September 2014 for iOS.


The game has been on the App Store for 8 months now. It was priced at $2.99/£2.29. The game has in-app purchases, which consist of coin packs to buy various upgrades in the shop and also a doubler, which doubles the amount of coins you earn in game.

So here’s the sales graph for those 8 months:


All time downloads

And the initial few weeks of release:


First few weeks after release

Just after initial release in September we managed to get featured by Apple. As any developer will tell you this is about the best thing that can happen to an iOS game. The first week it was featured on the US store and we peaked at 750 downloads in a day. I’m not sure how we got featured, it came out of the blue. The second week we were featured in most of the rest of the world. This second feature may have been through emailing Apple to point out that we were featured on the US store and us asking about other stores, but to be honest we might have been featured anyway. That second week we managed to peak at 1100 downloads in a day. This was a really wonderful start for us and we were ecstatic.

Overall we managed to get into the top 10 paid strategy charts in over 40 countries, including the US, Canada, UK, Russia, Japan and China.

Yay featured

The features lasted 2 weeks. After which we dropped down fairly quickly and settled into our long tail. Normally getting around 5-10 downloads each day. Over the following months this dropped further and we are typically getting 1-5 downloads per day


We were very happy with the reaction to the game. It got some lovely reviews and comments from some of the big sites:

“4.5 out of 5 – …there are plenty of world conquering strategy games out there, but this one has a fantastically frenetic pace that is perfect for on-the-go gaming.” –

“Unlike other strategy games it gets your mind racing, reacting to what’s happening, and before you realise it’s all over and you’re raring to go again.” – Pocket Gamer

“Like Sid Meier’s Civilization on a sugar rush, Rapture: World Conquest accelerates centuries of global conflict into mere minutes for a super-fast strategy experience the likes of which I’ve never seen.” –

Though this didn’t seem to affect downloads as much as we expected. We also got a number of great user reviews and emails from people. Players seemed to like it and found it fun, which is the one of the reasons we wanted to create games, and the great thing about going indie is that you have direct contact with fans.

There were however a number of negative user reviews and some online comments and I’ll admit it can hit you quite hard, especially if you’re not used to it. It’s easy to focus on the negative, and a lot of our negative comments centred around our IAPs.

In-App Purchases

We added IAPs as we’d seen them in a number of paid games – seeing them as a way of generating a little extra revenue. I’ve always seen IAPs as a sort of cheat – for players who want to move ahead faster than normal; see extra content early before unlocking it in the normal way. However several users felt the IAPs were cynically added – given that they had already bought the game, they thought it greedy to then ask for more money in game. We would have priced our shop items the same whether or not the IAPs existed, but the trust of your customers is a fragile, easily damaged thing, and we should have been more mindful of that before adding IAPs.

As you can see, the revenue from IAPs is dwarfed by the revenue from game purchases.


Download Revenue

RevenuePaidIAP Revenue

However, this is to be expected from a paid title which does not aggressively push its IAPs. If anything we were surprised that they were as high as 6% of total revenue.

We speculate that the effect of the negative App Store reviews that resulted from the inclusion of IAPs probably outweighed their revenue.


Once the feature and the initial euphoria had disappeared and we realised we weren’t going to be zillionaires, we settled down and looked at what we wanted to do next. Not having the game localized into some languages had prevented us getting featured in those countries. We decided to quickly translate the game in French, German and Spanish and see if we hadn’t missed the boat. A month later we updated the game, but unfortunately Apple didn’t feature us and the translations didn’t seem to help downloads in those territories.


The feature aside, one of the main areas we lacked (and still do) as indie dev newbies is any method to publicise ourselves. On release we emailed everyone and anyone that might be interested. We did manage to get a few reviews from big sites, but generally it was hard to get a response from journalists. This is doubly true, once the game is already out, journalists are much less inclined to comment on an update.

In November we went along to Apps World at the London eXcel. It was a great couple of days. We showed off the game to countless people and journalists and met and chatted with lots of fellow developers. I managed a stuttering panel talk about Rapture and had a go at the Pocket Gamer Big Pitch. All good fun, but the event didn’t graze our download graph. Even a 4-star review from the major website 148apps in November made no noticeable impact on our downloads.

In March we released our second big update – adding Multiplayer to the game. We weren’t expecting a huge response to MP, it was more for our own satisfaction as the game had always been envisioned as having an online mode and had been engineered from the start to support it. We combined this with a price reduction to $0.79/£0.79 and managed a modest jump – 250 downloads in one day, but quickly dropped back down. It’s hard to know how many of those downloads were based on the price change and how many on the new game mode.

We always knew we’d struggle to reach the minimum viable population to sustain a multiplayer community but we have been particularly disappointed by the numbers of multiplayer games being played. According to our analytics, less than 100 multiplayer games have been completed, which is a very poor result considering the massive effort it required.

The Rapture is here

Finances Breakdown:

So here’s the raw figures:

Revenue from downloads: $22,175.71/£14,155.31
Revenue from IAPs: $1,389.38/£886.88
Costs: $4,406.78/£2,812.96

Costs include art work, localisation, visits to a couple of conferences, website/server hosting and some small experiments with advertising. They do not include anything for the time invested by me or Andy.

The Future – Going free

So this week we’ve released another big update – we’ve made the game free. The game now has incentivized video adverts and post-game interstitial adverts joining the existing IAPs. Existing users automatically receive the game’s VIP pack which gives them a few new extras and disables their adverts. We’re treading carefully – not wanting to upset existing players that have paid. We really appreciate their support in this respect.

As classic gamers the idea of free games is fairly alien. We toyed with the idea of going F2P whilst writing the game, but veered away. Possibly the IAPs were a compromise in this respect, but in hindsight perhaps we should have gone one way or the other. However, in switching to free we’ve steered clear of banner adverts and energy/timer mechanics as we feel they’re the mechanisms which most damage our enjoyment of games.

It will be interesting to see how the game fares now, whether we get a reasonable number of downloads, some decent reviews and hopefully a little extra revenue. At the very least, it’ll be nice to have our game played by a lot more people and maybe we’ll even manage to sustain a reasonable multiplayer population.

Once we see how the game does as a free title we’re considering a possible Android version of the game. We’re also thinking about removing the ads and IAPs and creating a Steam version for Windows/OSX. Plus we have lots of ideas for a sequel and new game ideas we’d like to explore.

Rapture Game Logo

Daniel Collier is the co-founder and managing director of Tundra Games.

About Tundra

Tundra Games is an independent game studio based in Oxford & Colchester UK. It was founded in November 2013 by industry veterans Andrew Weinkove and Daniel Collier. We have worked on many AAA titles including Skate It, Sims 3, FIFA, Madden, Angry Birds Star Wars, Angry Birds Go and Need for Speed. We have worked for companies such as Exient, First Touch Games and Rebellion. Please contact Dan for further details at

Our game trailer can be found here: with further details and screenshots via our website –

Play the game for free here:

Quick April Update

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Been quiet for the last month. The multiplayer update has gone well, lots of people playing the game over game center. Numbers have dipped a little now, so if you haven’t already please have a play, helps to get everyone a game.

We’re currently working on upgrading the game to use Apple’s Metal graphics API. Once completed the game will run at a blistering 60fps – making gameplay (even more) silky smooth. We’ve also planning some bigger changes, which we’ll announce closer to release.

As well as those changes we’re also looking towards a PC version of the game on Steam.

We’re going to be attending the Develop conference down in Brighton over the Summer, hopefully we’ll see some of you down there.

As always, if you have any comments/feedback/criticism/ideas about Rapture please let us know –

Multiplayer Powerup!

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Reviewers and players have asked for it and we have added it – multiplayer! You can now play Rapture against up to 3 friends online via GameCenter or locally. Please grab the update and have a go, let us know what you think.

As well as multiplayer there’s a few graphical tweaks for solo players – new creation stories on start up, and blood red seas and global cracks which appear as you get close to the end of the world.

We have also reduced the price, so if you know anyone that hasn’t bought the game, please poke them – US/UK


Cracks are appearing!

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Hi everyone!

We’re heads down at the moment, full pelt on getting the new update out. Multi-player is in and works great. You’ll be able to play online or over local wifi with up to 3 other players.

We’re also adding some graphical updates in game. Here’s a taster:


The cracks will appear on the globe as you approach the Rapture; reminding you that time is running out.

We also have a new feedback page on the website, which will link through from the game. We’re hoping to hear from you – what you like and dislike, and any problems you have.

Festive update

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Been a while since the last update. We’ve been busy working on multiplayer and getting it ready for a beta release. It will probably be available sometime in January. We’re planning on creating an update to the main game with the beta version so everyone can play the early release and give us feedback.
Plans are underway for a PC version of the game via Steam and we’re still considering an Android version, though this will come later next year.
We love to get feedback on the game, what you enjoy, what you’d like to see and any problems that you’ve seen. Please send comments through to
Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!

justelk hat

November News

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Busy time at Tundra the past few weeks. We’ve been working hard on the new update which has just been released; translating the game into French, German and Spanish. We’re hoping to get a few European review sites interested in the game, to boost downloads a little. At the same time we’re having a sale this week, with a 1/3 off the price. So if you know anyone that hasn’t bought the game, especially French, German or Spanish friends, then please let them know.

We are also up for a Tiga award tomorrow night, for Debut game. Crossing our collective fingers for that.

Multiplayer is coming on well. The first local game has been played and Andy and I have arranged to play the first remote game of Rapture on Saturday morning. I’m very keen to see who is the better player after so much solo practice. Will let you know the results. We’ll be asking for Beta players in the next month or so.

Lastly we’ll be at the London Excel next Wednesday and Thursday for the Apps World expo. We’ll have a stand in the Indie Village, so please stop by and say hi. I (Dan) will be giving a talk on a panel discussion on the Thursday, so please come along and ask interesting questions :)

One Month In + TIGA Awards

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We’re now 4 weeks since Rapture was released. It’s been quite a ride!

Now the app store features have finished downloads have slowed, but that’s to be expected, it’s difficult to get exposure for a small indie game if you’re not on the Apple front page.

We’ve been using the quiet to concentrate on translating the game into Spanish, French and German. All the new text is now in the game and we’re currently testing it. If you can speak any of those languages and fancy getting involved in testing then please let me know –

Also in news we’ve been shortlisted for the TIGA awards in the Best Debut Game category; hopefully the judges will enjoy the game. The public can vote for the Best Game of the Year and we’d appreciate your vote for Rapture – here


We’re also working on the multiplayer side of things. Slow going making decisions on the best way of organising things, but hopefully soon we’ll be able to finally play a 2 player match in the office. Having played thousands of matches of Rapture, I’m especially looking forward to seeing if my skills can better Andy’s.

We’re booked up for Apps World on the 12th November at London Excel, so if anyone is planning on attending, let us know – we’d love to meet up.

Lastly we’re looking at a variety of updates – fun little changes to the game, new graphical effects, tweaks to game play. So if you have ideas for changes you’d like to see please email us at – all comments welcome.

T+2 Weeks after launch

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We’re now two weeks after Rapture landed in the app store and it’s been another good week.

On Thursday 26th, we were contacted by Apple for some details of the game; they required them ASAP. I wasn’t too sure what to write, but I re-hashed a few bits of stock description and put them into their spreadsheet; along with a few other details. Didn’t expect to hear much, but Thursday evening got an email saying that Rapture was featured on the App Store. I opened by iPad and there it was on the front page – Brand New Games #5. Was a fantastic feeling. I also discovered we were featured in 77 other countries – including the UK, China and Russia. Wonderful to have that sort of exposure.

Our rank leaped up the charts in the UK. Our best position on the iPad charts was #1 on Arcade, #2 on Strategy, #9 on All Games and #14 on All Apps on Saturday.

Friday we came down off the USA and Canadian front pages. But we also found we’d got a 4.5/5 review from TouchArcade which was fantastic, especially as the game got knocked around a little on the TA Forums for including In App Purchases. The review was very kind regarding those.

Downloads have been very good. Not quite as skyrockety as you’d expect from being featured, but the weekend was our highest yet. Downloads are now starting to coming down, but we’re keeping a decent rank in the Strategy and Arcade charts. Hopefully the momentum can keep us there for a few weeks.

The user reviews have been quite polarized – people tend to either love the game and give it a 5star review, or hate it and give it a 1star – mostly the complaints are about the game being too fast or too simple. I’ve tried to stop reading user reviews, especially before bed, as it tends to keep me awake :) If you haven’t already, please add a review on the app store, it helps a great deal.

We did discover a problem with iPhone 6+ devices where the tutorial text was going off the screen. We quickly got a fix out and Apple expedited it through the review process. It’s now up for anyone that has one of those flexible friends.

We’re currently running around trying to get the game into other languages – as well as getting multiplayer ready and looking at what’s involved with Android.

We’ve been getting some lovely emails through from people – it’s a nice feeling that people take the time to feedback like that. Please do get in touch at If we see any bugs or problems, let us know, we’re keen to iron out any glitches.

If you’re new to the game and haven’t seen it yet, here’s a video of a single game:

Rapture – iPhone 6 Plus Issue

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Currently iPhone 6 Plus owners will be seeing some problems with the tutorial – where the textboxes are overlapping the sides of their screens. We have submitted a fix for this with Apple and we’re going to ask them to expedite it through the review process. Normally it will take about 8 days to get through review, but hopefully they’ll get it through quicker.

So apologies to iPhone 6 Plus users, perhaps take a look at this gameplay video to give you an idea of how to play the game: