Upcoming game

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Work on our first game has been well underway for some time behind the scenes. It’s starting to take shape. It’s a god game for the iPhone – loosely based on Civilization with a bit of Risk and Populous thrown in. The initial idea was to create a 5 minute game of Civilization – stripping down the elements into a frenetic game that can be squeezed into a bus or train ride. That idea has evolved a little and the game has become more arcade based. Most of the game elements are complete, the main focus is now the user interface and artwork.

We’re hoping to release in Spring 2014 for iOS, with the Android version coming later in the year.

Apple Developer Programme

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Making our way through the sign up for the Developer Programme. It’s a slow process, they certainly make you work for the privilege! Getting close now. Once the application has gone through, we’ll be able to test some of the native functionality in our game.