Founded in 2013 by Andy Weinkove and Dan Collier, Tundra Games is an Oxford/Colchester based games company. We have a long history of playing and making games.

578799_100649926739003_1880648136_nAndrew Weinkove (Technical Director) has been working in the games industry as a programmer since 2000. After getting an Economics Degree from Nottingham University, he got his break into the games industry at Rebellion, converting his long-time hobby into a career. Working for over 5 years at Rebellion, Andrew was Lead Programmer on a number of console titles including World War Zero, Delta Force: Black Hawk Down and From Russia With Love. Andrew moved to Exient Ltd in 2006 and has worked on a number of high profile console and handheld titles, including being Lead coder on PSP, PS2, NDS and iOS versions of Tiger Woods Golf. More recently he was Lead Coder on the 8 console port of Angry Birds Star Wars to Wii, WiiU, 3DS, Vita, PS3, PS4, 360 and XBOX1, and worked on the smash hit smartphone title Angry Birds Go!

Dan CollierDaniel Collier (Managing Director) has worked in the computer industry for 15 years. A graduate in Artificial Intelligence and Psychology from Nottingham University, he worked in a number of computer firms, eventually moving to Exient Ltd in 2003. He worked there for 7 years on a number of titles – including Madden, Fifa, Need for Speed and Skate, as lead coder and producer. In 2009 he was producer for the Bafta nominated Sims 3 on Nintendo DS. In 2011 he went freelance as a programmer for hire, finally founding Tundra with Andy in 2013.