Steaming to the End

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As the UK slowly springs into warm weather and with further voting on the horizon – what better time to give you an update on how the Steam version of Rapture is shaping up.

We’ve been plugging away at the new version which will be on both PC and Mac. It’s been more work than we originally thought, but should be worth it. As well as the new platform release we are adding a bunch of new content to the mobile game.

There are 5 new spacescapes to choose from. Here’s one, a geometry background:

That also shows off the updated HUD – with new icons.

There will be a few new sound effects and also 5 new civs. Here they are:

You’ll have to work out what they are yourselves! We had a lot of requests for civs and we hope you enjoy the choices. Where possible we haven’t gone for modern civs where we already have ancient civs – so we didn’t go for Turkey as we have the Ottoman Empire. However saying that, we’re happy to keep adding civs, so please let us know what you’d like to see in the game.

Lastly we are spending time updating some of the miracle effects – so look out for those in the update. We’re hoping to release the new version by the end of May. As always – we love to hear from players so please get in touch –


Steamed Rapture

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Autumn is starting to bite here in the UK – the evenings are drawing in and the nights are getting colder. Here at Tundra we’re hoping to spend the cosy winter nights working on the PC Steam version of the game. Today we’re launching our Greenlight campaign!


The game has always run on PC from the start, but we decided early on to focus on mobile first. Now the Android and iOS versions are doing reasonably well, we thought we’d gauge interest in a Steam version of the game. Here’s the linky to the Greenlight page:

The gameplay in the PC version will be the same as mobile – we don’t plan on changing anything, at least initially. However we are planning on upping the graphics for the big screen and many of these changes should carry across into the mobile versions. Similarly Steam should mean a lot more people playing online and we’ll look at improving the multiplayer experience for everyone. More people playing the game will help us make new updates for all platforms.

We also want to stress that the Steam version is planned to be paid only – no microtransactions or adverts. It’s going to be pay once.

We’d appreciate your support – if you can vote for us and write some nice comments it will help get us through and we can get the kettle on!