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We thought we’d give you an overview of how the gameplay works in Rapture – World Conquest. Please note the graphics are a work in progress. Let us know if you have any thoughts, ideas or comments. Thanks


The game focuses on you as a god battling other gods indirectly for souls and land on a fertile planet. Your ultimate aim is to take over all regions of the planet and wipe out your enemies.

Starting screen

Starting screen

At the start you have the choice of your starting region; taking into account its strategic position and its production value. High production regions will be quicker to increase their armies. You can choose a small island and enemies will not be able to reach you until their technology is sufficient, but you may limit the space you can spread into.

Initial Starting Positions

Initial Starting Positions

Armies and battles

Once settled, your armies will start to increase and allow you to direct units to attack neighbouring regions. Initially a lot of the game regions will be neutral and simple to conquer. But as civs run out of space, they will increasingly attack each other. Attacking is a case of tapping a region and tapping where you wish to attack. Armies will be sent out to the selected region and battle will ensue! If you are able to reduce the defending armies to zero that region becomes part of your civilization and will start producing friendly armies.

Taking over regions with your armies

Taking over regions with your armies

Your scientists are constantly at work to produce bigger and better technology. As you progress through each technological age your armies become increasingly more powerful.


Miracle Being Dropped

Miracle Being Dropped

Across the bottom of the screen is the mana bar. Mana allows you to unleash miracles on the planet, the more mana you have, the more miracles available. More destructive miracles require more mana. As the bar fills the miracle icons will become available to drag onto the planet. The bar fills faster the more followers you have praising you. Most miracles are destructive natural events – such as earthquakes, hurricanes and volcanoes. The meteor strike is the most destructive and will wipe out most armies in its impact zone. Other miracles will affect regions through cowardice, disease and famine.


The right bar is the production balance options. You have the choice of directing production to one of four options – religion to boost your mana creation, military to concentrate on army strength, science to advance quicker in technology or food to increase the number of armies being produced. With nothing selected production will be balanced across all four.

The left bar gives further game options – power-ups to boost your powers, as well as a button to balance your armies across all regions and another to choose how many units you want to deploy each time you attack. Finally the top bar provides game information to see how you are progressing in your world conquest.

End game

Your game progresses as you battle for regions; directing your armies and raining down miracles. Your armies may be overwhelmed in which case your remaining followers will be vanquished to hell. If you overcome your enemies and dominate the globe you can then rapture your followers up to your heavenly realm in beams of warm light blue.

Armies Raptured

Armies Raptured

Miracles in Game

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We have video of the game to show off! It’s a short vid of some of the miracles available in the game. As well as sending your followers to destroy your enemies, as god you also have the option of hurling pain from above. The more followers you have, the more mana you gain and this can be converted into miracles. Currently you have utilize earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanoes, floods, meteors and a others that aren’t seen here.

The video has the HUD turned off and the number of AI miracles turned up to max to really pound the planet. The final game will be calmer 🙂

Our New Game!

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Rapture – World Conquest

The Rapture is nigh! The heavens battle for the right to rapture!

Guide your followers through the ages to vanquish the unbelievers in the surrounding kingdoms. Should you focus on military engagements? On science and technical achievements? Or improve farming and boost productivity? Or perhaps your followers should lavish their time on praising you, giving you the power to unleash devastating miracles on the globe.

You are a jealous god, wipe out the peoples of your rivals, conquer the world and rapture your people.

Announcing our first title “Rapture – World Conquest”, due out in the summer 2014 for iOS.

It’s a real-time strategy game that puts you in the celestial shoes of a jealous god. The game sees you guide your armies to conquer the other civilizations populating the planet. Send your armies to take over regions and expand your realm.

As your followers rise in numbers their adulation allows you to unleash devastating miracles – meteors, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and other death from above. Conquer the globe and as the supreme deity you will rapture your people up to heaven and leave your remaining enemies to the apocalypse.

Inspired by classic god games such as Civilization and Populous, reinvented for quick games on mobile. There will be dozens of missions, achievements and unlockable content.

The screenshots are taken from a work in progress, but should give you a taste of the game. Feel free to ask any questions. We’ll be posting a video of some game play soon.

Animation of the World

Animation of the World