Front end progress

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The main menu reskin is starting to come together. We have a nice parallax effect going, which is a little better than the coder art that was there before. I really want to get some screenshots out and give some details on what we’re working on, but you’ll have to wait a little longer – it’s a little too rough at the moment for public consummation. I will say that it’s a god game, in the tradition of the classic god games that Andy and I both love (especially Civilization and Populous).

Also been battling with coming up with a name. It’s difficult to decide whether it’s best to go for a simple name that tells someone browsing on the app store exactly what they are buying, or whether to go for something a little more poetic and creative. Hopefully we’ll be able to decide on something that can do both.

Finished Zelda: A Link Between Worlds yesterday – a fantastic game, I never get tired of the zelda series. Interesting to see the crash in Nintendo’s share price today with a lot of people predicting their imminent demise. Personally I’m sure they will bounce back. They have a knack for rising back from the ashes.

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