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We’re now two weeks after Rapture landed in the app store and it’s been another good week.

On Thursday 26th, we were contacted by Apple for some details of the game; they required them ASAP. I wasn’t too sure what to write, but I re-hashed a few bits of stock description and put them into their spreadsheet; along with a few other details. Didn’t expect to hear much, but Thursday evening got an email saying that Rapture was featured on the App Store. I opened by iPad and there it was on the front page – Brand New Games #5. Was a fantastic feeling. I also discovered we were featured in 77 other countries – including the UK, China and Russia. Wonderful to have that sort of exposure.

Our rank leaped up the charts in the UK. Our best position on the iPad charts was #1 on Arcade, #2 on Strategy, #9 on All Games and #14 on All Apps on Saturday.

Friday we came down off the USA and Canadian front pages. But we also found we’d got a 4.5/5 review from TouchArcade which was fantastic, especially as the game got knocked around a little on the TA Forums for including In App Purchases. The review was very kind regarding those.

Downloads have been very good. Not quite as skyrockety as you’d expect from being featured, but the weekend was our highest yet. Downloads are now starting to coming down, but we’re keeping a decent rank in the Strategy and Arcade charts. Hopefully the momentum can keep us there for a few weeks.

The user reviews have been quite polarized – people tend to either love the game and give it a 5star review, or hate it and give it a 1star – mostly the complaints are about the game being too fast or too simple. I’ve tried to stop reading user reviews, especially before bed, as it tends to keep me awake 🙂 If you haven’t already, please add a review on the app store, it helps a great deal.

We did discover a problem with iPhone 6+ devices where the tutorial text was going off the screen. We quickly got a fix out and Apple expedited it through the review process. It’s now up for anyone that has one of those flexible friends.

We’re currently running around trying to get the game into other languages – as well as getting multiplayer ready and looking at what’s involved with Android.

We’ve been getting some lovely emails through from people – it’s a nice feeling that people take the time to feedback like that. Please do get in touch at feedback@tundragames.com If we see any bugs or problems, let us know, we’re keen to iron out any glitches.

If you’re new to the game and haven’t seen it yet, here’s a video of a single game:

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