Welcome to the Raptur-o-pedia, an area with information about Rapture – World Conquest. Here we’ll list the miracles, boosts and domestic policies that are used in the game. If there are game features you are still unsure about please email us at feedback@tundragames.com or use the feedback form to let us know and we’ll add further information. Happy Gaming!


Hurricane Icon_Hurr The Hurricane miracle is a mighty storm that will travel randomly and deal damage to any region it hits. Use it carefully as it can damage your own civilization too.
Earthquake Icon_Earthquake The Earthquake miracle will deal damage to infrastructure and armies over a medium range. Great for softening up an opponent ahead of an attack.
Volcano Icon_Volc The Volcano miracle deals damage to armies and infrastructure over a small range. It can be effective to weaken a region’s defences ahead of an attack, or to deal with a worrying build-up of enemy forces.
Abundance Icon_Fert The Abundance miracle enhances the productivity of a single region for a period of time. Used on a high-productivity region, this can significantly enhance your civilization’s building power.
Tsunami Icon_Tsun The Tsunami miracle can be used to deal damage to infrastructure and armies over a large number of coastal regions.
Lightning Icon_Ligh The Lightning miracle travels randomly from one region to the next starting fires that damage armies and infrastructure. Beware that it can target your own civilization’s regions too.
Drought Icon_Drou The Drought miracle will significantly reduce a region’s productivity for a period. This can be used to prevent an enemy from building up their strength.
Plague Icon_Plag The Plague miracle will affect an entire landmass and sap the productivity of all the regions it impacts. Is most effective when used to target a large continent full of opponents.
Meteor Icon_Mete The Meteor miracle will deal damage to infrastructure and armies over a large range. The range is so large that it can be used to attack multiple enemies at once.
Courage Icon_Cour The Courage miracle affects an entire civilization for a period and will enhance the effectiveness of its armies. It is best used on yourself when you’re planning a large campaign, or expecting an attack.
Cowardice Icon_Cowa The Cowardice miracle affects an entire civilization for a period and will reduce the effectiveness of their armies in both attack and defence. Use on an opponent you plan to attack, or on a civilization that’s beginning to get too powerful.
Conversion Icon_Conv The Conversion miracle can be used to capture an enemy’s region without need for an invasion. Beware that only some of the enemy’s armies will come to your side, so you may find the newly acquired region needs quick reinforcement.

Domestic Policies

Theocracy Icon_Religion By selecting this option your followers will devote more time toward worshipping you. Your mana will grow faster allowing you to perform more powerful miracles more frequently.
Technology Icon_Tech As your civilization’s technology level advances your armies become more powerful. Additionally, longer sea crossings can only be made by higher tech civilizations.
Militarism Icon_Military A focus on building more armies. Handy for when you need to bolster your defences or for when you are planning a phase of expansion.
Capitalism Icon_Resources Selecting this will focus more of your civilization’s resources on improving its region’s productivity. Higher productivity will contribute toward more armies, mana and technology growth.
Balanced You can unselect the current policy by clicking on it, this will put your civilization into balanced mode, distributing resources equitably between science, religion, military and infrastructure.


Head Start Icon_HeadStart Boost – this will freeze the other civilizations for a fixed number of years, allowing your civilization to get ahead.
Rewind Power Icon_Rewind Boost – if things haven’t gone your way, you can use it to rewind the last 200 years to erase any mistakes.
Production Power Icon_ProdBoost Boost – this will temporarily boost the production of armies in your regions.
Boosts Head Start, Production Boost and Rewind are the available power ups; items which you can purchase with gold in the shop or in game in order to give you a boost.
Attack button Icon_Attack50 This button lets you control the size of a troop deployment when you attack another region, cycling between 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%.
Balance button Icon_BalArmy After a number of attacks you may find your armies clumped together, this button will spread your armies throughout your civilization.


  • Double tap on your own region to quickly expand the current selection outwards. Continue tapping to expand the selection further.
  • Double tap on an enemy to attack them on all fronts. An attack will be launched from all your regions, onto all of your enemy’s accessible regions. Great for finishing off opponents.
  • Move armies to your peripheral regions to improve your defense. Or amass them in one region in preparation for an attack.
  • Tap-Hold on your own region to request reinforcements from your current selection. If you have no selection, then reinforcements are requested from the whole empire.
  • Tap-Hold on an enemy’s region to launch a focused attack. Armies will be sent from all of your regions to attack the targeted region.
  • You can tap on the top in-game bar to toggle between maximised and minimized. To give you more room to view the globe.
  • You can tap on your flag on the in-game bar to zoom to your civilization. Useful if you’ve misplaced your followers.
  • Flick the globe to quickly spin it around and reach regions on the other side.
  • Completing missions will earn you stars, and as you accumulate stars you will advance through the ranks until you reach the level of Almighty.
  • On the right of the top in-game bar, you can tap on the mini leaderboard to get a more detailed leaderboard popup.